Safetica UEBA

Knowledge is the first and most important step in understanding your company’s workflow and employee’s work habits
  • Enrich any Safetica product with user and entity behavior analysis
  • See user activities in detail and uncover behavior anomalies
  • Ensure smooth business operation, even when working remotely
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What can your business expect from Safetica UEBA?

Go beyond data security with behavior analysis

Safetica UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics) is an optional extra module, which enhances core Safetica products with features focused on analyzing user behavior in close detail. It unlocks detailed activity overviews for individual users and automated evaluations of work-related activities. Safetica UEBA allows you to easily identify specific issues and insider threats and helps you ensure the efficiency of your business activities.

Please note that the availability of Safetica UEBA may differ based on market and regional legislation specifics.



Safetica UEBA

Use case

General information about user activities on company level.

Keeps employee privacy by not providing any detailed information without data security risk connection.

Detailed information about individual users and their work-related activities.

Automation of work activity audit by productivity labeling and following alerting and reporting.

Dangerous and undesirable user activities

Data-related and blocked activity reports and real-time alerts.

Reports and real-time alerts also for time spent in applications and on websites.

Work activity transparency – websites and applications

General overview of company work activity without personal details.

Applications and websites used by specific users. Identify users hanging out on social media.

Changes and anomalies in user behavior

Data-related activity reports with basic summary.

Visualization of trends and changes in user behavior over time.

Visibility of users working remotely and on home office

Information about data flow and data security incidents.

Comprehensive records of all user activities. Reports focused on user activity when working remotely (using remote desktop etc.).

Deeper insight into email communication (without message content)

Records of outgoing emails with attachments or sensitive data.

Records of all incoming and outgoing emails.

Usage audit of expensive company resources

Overview of software and hardware use for the company in general.

Applications used by specific users help determine, if purchased software licenses are distributed and used efficiently.

Job search audit

Identify visited job portals without pointing out specific users.

Identification of job portals visited by specific users, who might pose a future data security risk.

What does Safetica UEBA offer?

  • Overview and evaluation of applications used and websites visited by specific users
  • Detailed insight into incoming and outgoing email communication
  • Quick overview of trends and changes in user behavior
  • Automated reports and real-time alerts about user activity

Identify the root causes of anomalies in your environment

Dig deeper and pinpoint troublesome elements in your environment to address security or business efficiency concerns. Objectively analyze the work-related behavior of individual employees. Find out if anyone visits dangerous websites or uses undesirable applications.

Work transparency for traditional and remote companies

Let top management and heads of structural units see how their individual reports work. Stay on top of things even when your employees work from home or on the go. Prevent security risks by identifying idle workers, job search activities, and suspicious behavior patterns.

Unified Safetica Platform

Reports & Notification

  • Easily customizable reports
  • Real-time incident alerts
  • Granular log access management


  • Platform-independent protection
  • Ready for a hybrid cloud environment
  • Mobile and BYOD support

GDPR & Compliance

  • Full control of personal data
  • Best practice recommendations
  • Templated data classification

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